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We observe the world of Finance is rapidly changing due to technology. Stakeholders demand that financial teams operate efficiently and effectively, think over their business partner role, and redefine their workforce. The Future of Finance will be agile and support sustainable business performance enabled by technology. CFOs, Controllers, and finance teams are looking for the ability to evaluate and communicate business performance transparently and timely. The skill set of the RC plays a key role in supporting finance management with decision-making, hence also navigating through changes and challenges. It is, therefore, crucial for the RC to have a robust understanding of the future of finance and its developments.

Therefore, EY and the VRC have organized a cycle of four sessions to share the subjects that are essential for a better understanding of the financial horizon. These are:

  • Strategy & Alignment (incl. ESG and long-term value)
  • Data, Technology, Process & Controls;
  • Talent & Culture;
  • Finance workforce & Sourcing

First session: Strategy & Alignment | 18 January 2024 – 15:00

Organizations will focus more on long-term value creation. Here, the future of FP&A is to provide more transparent, real-time approval and allocation of costs and more timely and accurate profitability analysis. There will be a shift from the traditional role to focus on long-term value. Changes that will impact the role of the Register Controller are FP&A solutions that pre-populate forecasts using historical and market data, automated loading of pre-populated balances into the FP&A solution and variance reports against actuals, real-time dashboards in Power BI with an interface to the FP&A tool and the role of the RC in long-term value creation. RCs are supported by digital assistants, interactive visualizations, and dashboards with verbal analysis/commentary. Focusing on analysis instead of complying with reports/data, uploads/reconciliations, and defining the finance target operating model/service model for the future.


Peter Plat MSc RA
Peter is a Chartered Accountant under Dutch law (Registeraccountant) and has over 16 years of international experience in accounting, financial/management, regulatory and ad-hoc reporting in the financial services industry. He was part/of or managed international transformation programs in the area of financial management, tax, accounting implementation, regulatory change, or M&A activities. In all activities, he works closely with technology consulting, data & analytics teams, and quantitative/risk teams. In previous roles, Peter was often added as an implementation subject matter expert due to his focus on IFRS implementations beyond accounting (e.g. future of finance). Within EY NL, he drives the FSO Finance Transformation solution.

Erraji Touchane, RA, RC
Experienced Finance Director and Controller with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting and finance industry. Deep knowledge of IFRS and experience in managing end-to-end accounting processes and implementing standard operating procedures for global corporate organizations. Successful track record in improving relationships with clients and achieving results within budget and quality standards. He has also demonstrated an ability to lead teams and drive process improvement initiatives while managing complex projects.

Justin Fieret, RC
Justin is a manager in the Finance team of EY and is based in the Amsterdam office. Justin has over five years of experience in Finance Transformations in the Financial Services industry.
Passionate about Finance Strategy, FP&A, and turning data into insights. Energized by creating a more effective and efficient Finance operating model and working together with passionate colleagues. Experience in the implementation of financial reporting systems, business process optimization, data governance, and project management.


  • 15:00 Start
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Introduction: Future of Finance and Impact on the Register Controller
  • Strategy & Alignment (incl. trends in ESG Reporting & long-term value creation)
  • Trends in FP&A
  • The Role of the RC in ESG – What we observe in Finance
  • Q&A

2 PE points per webinar. For the whole program, you will receive 8 PE points.

If you need further information regarding the program or the session, contact us via e-mail or phone at vrc@vrc.nl, 020 240 1100. The VRC is happy to help you.

We hope to welcome you!

Kind regards,

VRC and EY


Modality: VRC Partner Program
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
PE-points: 2 per session
Free of charge
Exclusively for members
VRC activities are exempt from VAT. OurDrs. Stefan Betting RA

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