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Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator.

Negotiation underpins every aspect of human life. Our ability to collaborate around shared interest or to compete when necessary, to secure goals, experience belonging or to drive change – all of this is contingent on our ability to negotiate with other people, both in our personal and professional lives. Negotiation is the one skill that, if improved, can greatly help us navigate our interconnected human condition away from failure and towards success.

Negotiation Fundamentals is an introduction to the full negotiation learning path offered by INSEAD Executive Education. The tools and ideas taught are all evidence-based and practice-tested, covering the key negotiation concepts and skills, giving you the grounding to start becoming a sophisticated negotiator.

Integrating evidence-based concepts and frameworks, Negotiation Fundamentals offers both the theoretical, cognitive and strategic dimensions of negotiation and the actionable takeaways that will help you translate theory into real-world practice. You explore the what of negotiation: how it works in theory, where to focus and what you need to prepare to be a successful negotiator. And you experience the how: how to listen, how to manage emotions, how to use questions to reduce conflict and build understanding ,and how to advocate for your objectives in a way that reduces resistance and drives better outcomes.

Negotiation Fundamentals accelerates your ability to determine what matters (and what doesn’t), what works (and what doesn’t) and in which contexts; and to identify and deploy the strategies that will enhance your negotiating behaviours and outcomes, and those of other people.

The VRC member advantage

The collaboration with INSEAD offers you the opportunity to enhance your negotiation skills as a registercontroller and to focus on this essential skill for future leaders.

  • A 20% VRC membership advantage on the Negotiation Fundamentals on-demand program
  • Access the full expertise of INSEAD’s world-class faculty
  • Set a learning pace that suits you best with flexible completion dates
  • Master new ideas and approaches through dynamic and engaging methods, including videos, quizzes and role-plays
  • Gain an official INSEAD certificate upon completion
  • Choose when to start or advance your own learning journey with INSEAD Executive Education.


Module 1: Fundamental Negotiation Concepts

  • Gain a solid understanding of science-based negotiation knowledge, which involves fundamental parameters in every negotiation
  • Understand how these fundamental parameters help you design negotiation strategies and choose practical moves with a higher likelihood of success
  • Discover and understand well-researched moves such as anchoring, the power of first offers, the effectiveness of framing offers and how to develop a concession making strategy.

Module 2: Interest Based Negotiation

  • Examine the elements that allow for a transition from the foundation of bargaining to more sophisticated negotiation processes, which enable negotiators to collaborate and create superior value
  • Understand more sophisticated and challenging aspects of collaborative negotiations including the difference between interests vs positions, building interdependence and trust, and perspective taking
  • In addition to your knowledge, start to improve your negotiation abilities by learning how to ask questions well in negotiations.

Module 3: How to Compete and Collaborate Simultaneously

  • Learn how to push towards higher value creation processes, craft superior deals, structure negotiations, and avoid easy compromises
  • Identify how to prepare for complex negotiations, learn what you want, and how to make essential trade-offs during negotiations
  • Start to work on your negotiation listening abilities.

Module 4: Bringing it All Together

  • Learn how to improve your negotiation advocacy abilities and choose methods that are more likely to persuade your counter-parties.


INSEAD On-demand Learning: Learning is in your hands. Progress at your own pace, from anywhere.

  • Master the essentials of evidence-based negotiation frameworks with practical application
  • Build your self-awareness as a negotiator to customise your approach and fully leverage your strengths
  • Develop the core negotiation skills every negotiator should have, but few actually do
  • Kick start your journey to a Certificate in Negotiation with INSEAD Executive Education.


The Negotiation Fundamentals fully on-demand learning content is specifically designed to bring a balance of learning, practice and reflections, ensuring optimal learning outcomes. Participants can set a flexible learning pace that best suits them and take the programme from anywhere. Participants have access to the program content for 3 months.

VRC-members receive a 20% VRC membership advantage on the Negotiation Fundamentals on-demand program. You can find the corresponding promotion codes and registration instructions in the member portal.

Register on the INSEAD website using the ‘Nu Inschrijven’ button below.


If you have any questions about the on-demand program of INSEAD or registration with a VRC membership advantage, please contact the VRC at vrc@vrc.nl or call the VRC office at +31 (0)20 240 11 00.

Practical Information

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