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Maastricht University

The EMFC program at Maastricht University is designed for experienced financial professionals looking to enhance their careers. The program provides in-depth knowledge of financial management and strategic control, led by experts. It strengthens leadership skills and prepares participants for decision-making in modern business environments.

Why the VRC Code Challenge?

We organize this seminar to bring the VRC Code of Conduct for the Registered Controller (RC) to life.

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About the Expert

Dr. Raymond Zaal MBA, lecturer and researcher in Financial Ethics at the University of Groningen, teaches three courses at the VRC focusing on Professional Ethics. Dr. Raymond Zaal will lead the Code Challenge.

By participating in the Code Challenge, you fulfill the mandatory ethics points.


Practical Information

Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: University of Groningen

PE: Participation is awarded 3 PE points/hours and is free of charge

Participation is exclusively for RCs and limited to 70 participants

VRC activities are exempt from VAT. Our General Terms and Conditions apply to VRC activities.

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The VRC fast-track to CIMA & CGMA

Programma hoogtepunten:
CIMA- en CGMA-kwalificatie
Verdien 150 PE-punten, voltooi bijna 4 jaar PE-verplichting
Fast-track van 3 maanden
Korte avond- en weekendsessies
Exclusief voor registercontrollers