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With pride, the VRC announces the renewed collaboration with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). As established partners, VRC and CIMA offer an enticing program for register controllers.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIMA, an internationally recognized organization for management accountants, provides various qualifications. These include the globally esteemed CIMA Professional Qualification and the CGMA qualification, jointly awarded by CIMA and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The collaboration between VRC and CIMA provides register controllers with the opportunity to strengthen their professional development through the recognition of prior learning experiences and work experience in the field of management accountancy.

As a VRC member, you have the exclusive opportunity to expedite the attainment of the CIMA Professional Qualification and the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) qualification at CIMA. These qualifications signify that you, as a trusted business strategist, connect crucial aspects of the organization to promote sustainable success. The collaboration offers you:

  • VRC member benefit: accelerated access to the CIMA and CGMA qualification
  • PE-guarantee: a VRC-accredited partner program
  • International qualifications as recognition for your professional expertise and dedication
  • International perspective on strategic management accounting, financial reporting, performance management, and decision-making
  • Online program and access to online CGMA tools, webinars, reports, and research


David Harris FCMA CGMA is the Director of Innovation at HTFT Partnership and a highly experienced CIMA Case Study tutor with a global reputation. He has been delivering the Strategic Case Study program since 1999. David Harris has also worked as a management consultant, specializing in strategy, risk, and futurology. He brings a wealth of practical experience to ‘bring subjects to life.’ In 2024, David Harris will be delivering the CIMA programs for VRC.


Complete the exclusively available accelerated CGMA program for register controllers, pass the Strategic Case Study exam, and receive the title of Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). The VRC aims to support you in your professional development and enrich your multidisciplinary expertise as a register controller with this exclusive accelerated opportunity to attain the globally recognized CGMA qualification.


The VRC partner program is designed to:

  • Provide diagnostic feedback on your knowledge and (communication) skills
  • Guide you through a learning program focused on exam success
  • Monitor and assess your progress
  • Assist you in developing new competencies that add value to your organization

The VRC fast-track route to CGMA:

1 August: Pre-course preparation and task submission (by 1 September)
7-8 September: Initial 1:1 remote briefings by tutor
9-22 September: Phase 1 remote delivery including PA1
23 September-3 October: Phase 2 remote delivery including PA2 and PA3
4 October: Pre-seen material published
4-5 October: Phase 3 recorded delivery on pre-seen analysis
6 October-13 November: Phase 4 remote delivery of focus sessions including PA4-9
27 October: Submission of Mock 1
31 October: Return of Mock 1 with marking and comments
1 November Mock 1 review webinar, 1:1 support, as required
3 November: Submission of Mock 2
7 November: Return of Mock 2 with marking and comments
10 November: Submission of Mock 3
14-19 November: 1:1 support, as required, during final preparation
20-22 November: Exams

All sessions are online. To gain a deeper understanding of the assessments, download the syllabus for additional clarification.

The fast-track route to CGMA is an intensive program lasting 3 months. After successfully completing the study program and passing the Strategic Case Study exam, you will receive the CGMA and CIMA Professional Qualification.


If you have any questions about the CIMA CGMA program or the registration process, please contact the VRC via email at vrc@vrc.nl or by phone at 020 240 11 00.


Enroll through the VRC Finance Academy for the exclusive accelerated program at CIMA. The next CGMA fast-track program starts on August 1, 2024.

Modality: VRC Partner Program
Location: online
Time: evening and weekend sessions
PE-points: 150
Member price: € 4.200,-
Exclusively for members

VRC activities are exempt from VAT. Our General Terms and Conditions apply to VRC activities.

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The VRC fast-track to CIMA & CGMA

Programma hoogtepunten:
CIMA- en CGMA-kwalificatie
Verdien 150 PE-punten, voltooi bijna 4 jaar PE-verplichting
Fast-track van 3 maanden
Korte avond- en weekendsessies
Exclusief voor registercontrollers