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Business Statistics in Practice is a thoughtfully structured masterclass tailored for professionals seeking a robust grasp of statistical analysis. Led by a distinguished expert in Operations Management, this masterclass provides a pragmatic approach to understanding and applying statistical methodologies. Sign up now for this valuable masterclass and unravel useful insights that will enhance your professional skill set. Seize the opportunity to participate in a dynamic and interactive learning experience to cultivate your expertise in the field of Business Statistics.


You can either participate in the online session, or in both sessions in this masterclass (it is not possible to only participate in the live session). The online session is a prerequisite of the live session in July. By taking both sessions, you will earn an additional PE-point, bringing your total to 6 PE-points for this masterclass. Be sure to register for the correct course dates and seize this opportunity for extra PE.

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Online Session (October 2nd)
The online session starts by discussing the scientific method in general, and then focuses on the core of Business Statistics: hypothesis testing. Next different types of hypothesis testing (one sample versus two sample, average versus proportion) will be discussed, and through an interactive session with voting in Sendsteps several examples are discussed.

  • Overview of the scientific method
  • Core of Business Statistics: Hypothesis Testing
  • Different types of hypothesis testing (one sample vs. two sample, average vs. proportion)
  • Interactive session with voting in Sendsteps

Live Session (November 19th)
In the live session the topic of regression analysis is discussed, again through some interactive voting, to ensure that you are familiar with the basics. Several datasets will be shared, and you will conduct multiple regression analyses on your own laptop in Excel. Advanced software such as SPSS or SAS is allowed, but not required.

  • In-depth discussion on Regression Analysis
  • Interactive voting to ensure understanding of the basics
  • Hands-on analysis of datasets in Excel
  • Optional use of advanced software like SPSS or SAS


Participants are required to watch 2-4 educational videos on the scientific method and hypothesis testing before the online session. To ensure a seamless transition, participants must attend the online session to qualify for the subsequent live session, which delves into regression analysis. Prior to the live session, participants are asked to watch a few educational videos on regression analysis. The datasets that are used during the live session will be shared shortly prior to the session.


Professor dr. Bo van der Rhee, is a leading authority in Operations Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. With extensive teaching experience, he simplifies complex subjects like Business Statistics, making them accessible and enjoyable. Beyond the classroom, Bo van der Rhee leverages insights from founding two successful Data and AI companies. Join this masterclass to benefit from his expertise, gaining a comprehensive understanding of Business Statistics. Professor van der Rhee not only shares knowledge but also has genuine enthusiasm for the subject.


Upon completion of this course, you will acquire the ability to pose relevant questions before statistical data analysis, conduct hypothesis testing effectively, and perform (multiple) regression analysis:

  • Question Formulation: develop the skill to ask pertinent questions before initiating statistical data analysis.
  • Hypothesis Testing Proficiency: Acquire proficiency in conducting hypothesis testing, distinguishing between one sample versus two samples, and understanding average versus proportion comparisons.
  • Regression Analysis Competence: Master the art of regression analysis through interactive voting and hands-on application of knowledge.
  • Software Familiarity: Gain familiarity with statistical software tools like Excel, and optionally, more advanced tools such as SPSS or SAS.

Program specifications

Level: VRC Masterclass
Modality: VRC Masterclass
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
PE-points: 2 (2 for this online session, 3 for the live session, +1 for completing both sessions)
Member price: € 345,-
Non-member price: € 545,-

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